Friday, 10 September 2021


18:00 – 20:00


Costerstraat 20



Panel discussion:

Sexual Reproductive Health & Rights

What is “Sexual Reproductive Health & Rights”?
The rights to freedom over sexual activity and reproduction, in particular with reference to sexual orientation and access to contraception and healthcare.

Investing in Sexual Reproductive Health & Rights has direct medical benefits of preventing unwanted pregnancy, improving maternal health and preventing, diagnosing and treating sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV/AIDS, these are more well known.

But SRHR also has economic and social benefits that are slightly less popular. By organizing “Young Professionals Discussions” Young Professionals Cafe aims to give a holistic view on this topic while also zooming in on what the economic and social benefits could mean for the population development of our country.

Our panelists!

Michelle Belfor
Michelle Belfor- Member of The Generation Equality Youth Task Force -
Michelle is a youth advocate for SRHR and has been active in this field for over 6 years. She is currently Suriname’s representative to the Generation Equality Youth Task force where she advocates on an international level for Gender Equality & SRHR
Joey lansdorf
Joey lansdorf- Senior Comprehensive Sexuality Education Trainer -
Joey started nine years ago as a member of the youth advocacy movement Suriname (the youth division of “Stichting Lobi Health Center”). And has been an educator at “Stichting Lobi” for three years. He is also the founder of “Mi Botri” a Surinamese kitchen.
Fay King
Fay King- Chairman at Youth Advisory Group UNFPA Suriname -
Fay has been educating the youth in schools and other communities about Sexual reproductive health and rights. One of her goals is to make society aware about the importance of Gender Equality and why we need to fight for a world where everyone has equal rights.
Advait Pershad
Advait Pershad - Governance Committee Member of IPPF | WHR -
A human rights activist focused on sexual and reproductive health and rights. Current member of the governance committee of IPPF| WHR. President of Leo Club Paramaribo South, a service member club of Lions Club International.

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